Artist Statement:

My drawings reflect an interest in using the human body as subject while also focusing on creating beautiful surfaces and marks. My intention with these works is to create a sense of fragility, delicacy, and intimacy that becomes evident due to the typically small size of the pieces, the surfaces chosen to draw on, and the materials and processes used to create the images. I also like to incorporate mistakes, accidents and chance in determining the final results of the work through layering images and surfaces and allowing the materials to dictate direction. The drawings are usually subjected to an ongoing process of revisions, destructions, cancellations, and cover-ups that are indicative of my futile attempts to create a perfect image.

Factoring into the content of my work are notions of control and selfhood, with a recognition of the subjective / objective duality of being human. I include body parts, silhouettes and shadows in my images to suggest a sense of alienation and an acknowledgement of the individual’s lack of direct and complete control over her or his body.